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 Dogs are inquisitive and curious by nature, they love to explore and to discover new things. Use of the senses develops the brain and builds your dog's self-confidence, it enriches his life and makes him happy, tired and fulfilled! At GOOD DOG WALKS we make sure your dog gets plenty of excercise and we let your dog use his nose. By giving dogs the choice and freedom to use their powerful sense of smell, they have the best time on their walks!

All dogs are welcome at GOOD DOG WALKS; dogs with lots of energy to burn, or dogs that want to take it easy, fearfull and insecure dogs, young and old dogs.

At GOOD DOG WALKS your furry friend is in good hands. l

We walk in various nature areas, like in the dunes or on the beach at IJmuiderslag, in Wandelbos Groenendaal or Houtrak/Spaarnwoude.  For the walks we use a long leash, and preferably a Y-shaped harness. 

Do you have any special requests or questions? Please let us know!

How does it work?


I'll come to your home at a convenient time to meet you and your pup and give you both a chance to meet me. During this, we'll discuss everything I need to know to keep your dog happy and safe on his walks.  We'll fill out the registration form together.  To become better acquainted we can go for a short Get To Know you Walk.


Based on what we've discussed during our meeting, I'll make a walking plan and pick up your dog at the agreed time. And away we go!



We know how much fun it is to see your dog having a great time!  You can count on lots of fun photos to keep you updated with his adventures. Your dog will be back at the agreed time.

Come home to a happy, relaxed and fulfilled dog.

Good Dog Walks



Would you like to book your dog for a walk or would you like more information?

Please send us an email or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Bjefke Hofstra

Corrie ten Boomstraat 24

2033 BZ Haarlem


Thanks! Message sent.

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